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The Minccino, placed back at his post by the Chanyu 'warriors' that had captured him and wounded several of his men, stood with fists clenched. Present, he watched the escort of the Khan walk back out past the entrance to the palace. Diarmaid's weapons lay at his own feet, where the warriors had returned to him his weapons upon receiving the order to let him go. He seethed with rage like he had never felt before, and the skin under his fur blushed with a deep red hue that nearly breached his fur, lest he let his humiliation show to these barbaric scoundrels that had made a mess of his home. 


After his performance at the Battle of Aix-au-Sud during the Gailamir invasions, Diarmaid was given new powers over the 'mon in his command, and consider himself to be quickly reforming the defense of the city to be made much more efficient to his thinking. All was for none, that when the Chanyu marauders arrived, the men in his control had not had ample time to recover from the wears of said battle-- still, he had wounded Pokemon running patrols, and so many holes in his lines where once-living comrades in arms of his once stood to fill them. 

So it was that this incursion to the very heart of Aether humiliated him deeply, and gutted his newfound pride. 

The warriors that released his weapons back to him laughed and sneered at Diarmaid's inability to protect himself, nor his quarries-- but that they had no way of knowing that he was in command of a good portion of this garrison here, their laughter was ever enough of an insult as it was. He spat furiously onto their faces as they turned away to leave. 

The Chanyu whose boots he had spat on, a Charmeleon of some standing, snarled at him and nearly did lunge, were it not that the other Chanyu that now had Diarmaid's bile  on their face stopped him and pulled him away, leaving to join the guards of the Khan. 

"You're no king, you bandit lord, you sniveling whelp!" Diarmaid thought angrily, that he could feel the fires of his mind burning the backs of his eyes, which welled with tears that he hadn't permission to lunge at this evil Pangoro and separate his head. "You are but scum, and a murderer, and a plague upon the face of the good earth that Heaven hath provided for us all, and woe that you make me feel such anger!" He nearly took a step forward, 'fore one of the other Aetherian Guards, a Lucario whom had the same been disarmed, pulled him by his shoulder back into place. This did not dis-sway the young Guard Captain, and his rant became vocal, even if quietly. "If fate would be so kind to me, that you should be forced to watch your son be burned, no, roasted like the worthless animal he is, that animals grown and made fat for beef should be ashamed that he must die in a way as dignified as them!" He spoke angrily, nearly trying to pull himself away from his Lucario comrade's grip. 

"That you and your empire will fall, forever, into a downspiral of misfortune! And that every book that bears but passing mention of your peoples' name be burned as the works of the heretics! Just for punishment for something, and I say something and not someone, as lowly as a scavenger-lord like you that poisons the air simply by exhaling your putrid breath!" Without his thinking, he began struggling to break free of his Lucario companion's grip and charge at the Khan simply out of blind hatred, that every fiber of his existence wouldn't rest until the lowly thing that stood before him but dressed as a prince was being cut down as he begged for his life. 

"Captain Mag Carthaigh, you speak besides yourself!" His comrade says, now needing both of his forepaws to restrain his enraged friend. "We must contain ourselves, for it may be that the fate of Aether rests upon us allowing the foreigners leave!" 

Diarmaid lashed out of his grip with such a force that his companion was flung back some short ways. "So we should let this happen, you says!" He nearly yells, more comfortable with raising his voice as the Chanyu began leaving earshot. "That just any other barbarian with the grandeurs of a king should come in here, ransack our towns, burn our flags, threaten a great death for all of our people, and then ask for our help!" He scalds the Lucario. Such that Diarmaid had now become a proper captain, the Lucario would insubordinate to speak back to him in any manner. 

"So perhaps I should go to King Alaric myself again, and declare war upon him in the name of the White Company! And only then perhaps he will go back to Ireland and save my village from the Veethfolnir that they are still  so plagued by!"  

He pants as the anger begins to pass, and the weariness shows in his breath. 

"The Gailamir invasion is fresh in my mind." He says to his companion. "How many times, then, are we supposed to tolerate this...destruction of our home?" He asks solemnly, looking over his shoulder. The Chanyu had supposedly been told by their master not to bring harm to the Aetherian Pokemon, and not to steal from any of their shops. But he spied on them, he did, some things which were clearly not of Chanyu craftship, tucked away in their bags and under their sleeves. And not only that, but Diarmaid himself fought several of the Khanate soldiers. He'd lost some blood, as was apparent from the cut on his arm, and he had lost at least one or two of his men in the struggle. And now, he was going to be told to march over the whole continent of Avalon, just to help these very same 'mon that had taken some of the lives of his men. He looked upon the marching Chanyu and could see nothing but the Gailamir, marauding through his home again. And the Gailamir looked to him like the Veethfolnir whom burned down his home. 

"Gang Tie has been much better a friend to us than these horsemen tribes. And now, at Chanyu's request, we must turn our backs to them." 

"But captain, surely you do not say that we are to go against the King, whom both you and I have sworn to serve without question and holds the power of life and death over you?" 

Diarmaid retorted. "Lately, my friend, I begin to have doubt that King Alaric has power over anything, let alone life and death." He said, hopelessly watching the guards beneath him regather their weapons. "But I will say to you, I will never say to not do as your lord commands, but that I would ask you to not accept any reward the Chanyu give you for listening to "Alaric's" command.

But if you should take it, you should burn it." 

And with that, Diarmaid regathered his own weapons and stood back to his post, standing with a painful soul as he waited for King Alaric to give his command to go.
Diarmaid M7 Prologue: Such Woeful Order

Diarmaid's reaction to the unveiling of Mission 7. 

Long story short, he's not happy .D.

Also, I apologize for the poor grammar in the first pargraph! Not my best work indeed ^^;. I wrote this all in a single draft, so, please do not judge my other works by this one here. 

Or anything I made before late 2013, for that matter .-.  

1217 Words = 1200 Cressents


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