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Old Flags-- The Dying Countries

Good Morning, Fliers! Mr. Personality here once again to bring you the good news! 
Mr. Personality, you ask, what species are you? And what are these 'nations' you keep talking about? 
Well, dear listeners, you already know the answer to the first question. No. 
But! For the nations then, why don't I tell you?
Many of you out in the boonies listening to this radio show on the very edge of my broadcasting range may not be living under a rock, but you may not have heard too much talk of the Dying Countries, especially you younger chaps. What's so important about them? Well, someone had to fight the Great Airship War, you know. Did you think that it was Guilds that fought it? I doubt they could. Did your parents tell you that? I bet they did. 
See, the 'Old Flags' as we've taken to calling them, had actually been shaping the world for long before any of us were born. After the old, old, old
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pmd Emolga icon (embarrassed)  
I know I've posted stuff like this before, though the truth is that back when I did I wasn't really over it yet. After one more talk with :iconarsenikira: I think I've finally started coming to terms with the situation. And Kira, I do want you to read this if you see it.

I want to say first off, thank you to everyone that's supported me through this, and her if anyone is looking out for her in all of this. 

pmd Emolga icon (confused) 
To Kira... I know this is a little public, but, I felt that its length precluded it from being a private message. This is a little late, but, thank you for a lot of things. Thank you for bringing me to where I am today, because I wouldn't be here without you. But, for now thank you for tolerating me the times that I've brought the past relationship up to you, and helping me a little bit as I begin to pick myself up from this. I was at my absolute lowest the last time we spoke and I would like to reiterate that I said a lot of things I would not have otherwise. Everything you told me I took to heart, and everything you said was right. I relied too much on you-- on others-- for purpose. We've seen the results of that. I shouldn't just work to improve myself because it suits other people, I should improve myself just because that is what I should do. And I should be able to stand on my own while I'm doing it. I'm my own person and I should find my own way rather than tying it down to others. If others come along for the ride, wonderful. If not, then they won't. 

pmd Emolga icon (Happy) 
So, I'm going to do just those things. I'm going to stand on my own and make myself better. I will become more open to others, I will accept my weaknesses, and I will not let my emotions get the better of me anymore. And you can mark my words on that last one especially. I do hope that we will at least remain friends through this, because I don't want to lose touch with someone whom has been my best friend for these past years.

pmd Emolga icon (confused) 
I won't lie to you, Kira. I still hope one day we wind up in each other's arms again. The times we had though are gone, I understand that. I won't try to bring them back anymore. Someday though, I do hope that we find love for each other again, and if that does happen, though I won't hold out for it, I also hope that by then I will be a strong enough person to make it even better than what it was we had before. But I won't make myself better for you. I'll make myself stronger just because, very simply, like I said, I should. If I become the man you want again, and I would like that, then, all the better. If I don't, then I don't. 

pmd Emolga icon (okay) 
So with that said. On the chance that we are never together again, and that our time together has truly once and for all passed behind us. I just want to say:

I-thank-you-for-your-part-in-my-journey-quote-2 by RelativeEquinox

...even though I quietly hope that it is not finished yet.

I was going to draw an image to go with this, but I feared it would bring too many feelings up. Thank you for everything, Kira, and I hope I see you again one day.


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Old Flags by RelativeEquinox

Good Morning, Fliers! Mr. Personality here once again to bring you the good news! 

Mr. Personality, you ask, what species are you? And what are these 'nations' you keep talking about? 

Well, dear listeners, you already know the answer to the first question. No. 

But! For the nations then, why don't I tell you?

Many of you out in the boonies listening to this radio show on the very edge of my broadcasting range may not be living under a rock, but you may not have heard too much talk of the Dying Countries, especially you younger chaps. What's so important about them? Well, someone had to fight the Great Airship War, you know. Did you think that it was Guilds that fought it? I doubt they could. Did your parents tell you that? I bet they did. 

See, the 'Old Flags' as we've taken to calling them, had actually been shaping the world for long before any of us were born. After the old, old, old Guild system was overthrown what had to be hundreds of years ago now, the Flags sprung up to run things in a more... controlled way. Instead of 'Guilds', we now had 'Governments', whose interests did not lay in their own narrow benefits as their Guild predecessors had, but in the betterment and protection of their citizens. Now, I'm not gonna get all political here-- 't's not my job-- but I will say this, see? The system worked, and it worked well, great even, at least for a while. You can't really deny that good things didn't happen in the past couple a' centuries. Problem is, that no matter how big and benevolent you make something, as long as there's something out there equal in size and power, one day those two will fight each other. And bigger people always means bigger fights. We all know where that eventually wound up.

After the War, the Flags became really unpopular, and found themselves unable to garner a lot of support to rebuild themselves. 'Why should I help you?', asks Ms. Jane Doe the friendly neighborhood Sawsbuck, 'You sent my baby boy and my husband to their doom and I got nothin' in return!' Their power to assert themselves declined drastically, and most Pokemon just flat out wouldn't have it when they asked their citizens to help restore it to 'em. Sure, they still got lots of supporters, but by in large most have run for the hills to the independent towns where the Guilds 're startin' back up, or just out to the wilderness in general. Some Pokemon 're goin' so far so as to not even tell their kids about the Flags' existence! 

Parents, as a sidenote, please don't do that. I ain't no university egghead, see, but I think we've lost enough of our history as a civilization as it is. 

What the 'Flags are now are essentially a bunch a' 'Super Guilds' with a lotta control over the little turf they got left. One or two of 'em are more important than others, but in the grand scheme of things, their time in the spotlight is over. Time will tell what happens to these mini-states now. As they stand, I'll list 'em here.

Note, there were a lotta tinier countries in existence before as well. Most of them are kinda gone now. Also note, the Cities are not necessarily the only places still loyal to the Flags; smaller communities exist between them that still may have the same allegiance. 

Their side in the War will be put up next to their names for convenience. 

So why should you care?

The Old Flags are in essence super-guilds with their own cultures and stricter codes of law than the guilds of modern day. They are still immensely powerful; the fleet of the weakest Old Flag could easily destroy the strongest Guild with little effort, but thankfully they don't really have the resources to. Most of the time the Flag governments have on their paws they dedicate to rebuilding from the ruins left in the wake of their Great War-- that, or arguing amongst themselves about old grudges.

There is a sentiment among them that they are above the Sky Guilds and so do not care often to deal directly with them. They are, however, known occasionally to reach out to individual Ship Captains whenever they require a job to be done outside of their borders. 

Nice as the Sky Guilds are, it's hard to compete with Old Flag science. Completing jobs for the Old Flags may make you look unfavorable to others, but might net you some sweet Old Flag technology. 

As a general rule, they deeply value what little law and order they still have going for them. In other words they do not appreciate piracy in their territory. You have been warned. 

Many of the Old Flags field their own Adventurers' Guilds. You may start out working for them if you wish via these guilds, but you will take reduced rewards from the Sky Guilds. Depending on the nation, some merchants may inflate their prices to spite you. To compensate, you may start out with one piece of advanced Old Flags technology.

If you decide to work for any Old Flags's Adventurers' Guild, you must have their Emblem visible somewhere on your ship. 

Hoofstadt Flag by RelativeEquinox
The Hoofstadt Monarchy (Eastern Order) 

Hoofstadt emblem by RelativeEquinox

The Knight-Crowned-King

Capital: Hofburg (now known as Palace Mountain)
Cities: 0
Morale: n/a
Geography: Mountainous and forested, with much former territory bordering the sea.

Quick Status: Dissolved. Population dispersed or destroyed, nobility extinct.

Adventurers' Guild: n/a

The story of the Hoofstadt Empire goes long and beyond into bygone history. The Hoofstadt were named for their Royal family, the House of Hoofstadt, that had over centuries of cunning and intrigue worked their way to the top of the food chain of bluebloods. Technically speaking, they were the highest nobility on the planet. This family of primarily equine Pokemon such as Rapidash and Zebstrika were so influential that the empire was simply associated with whatever they personally owned, and they owned a lot. By the time of the Great Airship War, however, they had already very slowly been losing more and more power for the past century. The subjects of the Hoofstadt Emperors came from a variety of small cultures that had grown sick and impoverished, and were no longer content to be a part of the Monarchy which would no longer support them. The Monarchs were never happy about their subjects' disobedience and many historically-minded people nowadays think they can even trace the cause of the War down to the Hoofstadt's repressions. Doesn't really matter anymore, though. Disunity and unrest plagued them throughout the war more than it had anyone else, and being in the centerpoint of all the fighting, it suffered the worst losses of any of the Old Flags. That being, they did not survive it.

The Hoofstadt Monarchy was a massive and long-lived empire in the southern side of the Old Continent. Its dominant culture was not too dissimilar from their northern neighbors in the Great Alpine Empire, but in truth it had many, many smaller guilds and cultures underneath its hooves. Its full name in fact was actually the 'Guilds and Pokemon of the House of Hoofstadt and the States of the Great Bay of Adrianna'. Talk about a mouthful. This mix of cultures made them a unique and sort of... majestic marvel, if I remember correctly. They had a lot of art and a weird mix of food. They weren't really known for anything in particular over the other Flags, they just sort of had everything. And that was something.

Like I said before, nobody suffered more than the Hoofstadts when it came to losses from the War. The Monarch Anasztaz the Rapidash was a young and uninformed leader of his country. He was never intended to take the head. His mother the old Empress died two years before the fighting began and his older brother fell to a bout of insanity in the year following. Anasztaz was only ever intended to rule over one of the many diverse guilds that his family owned and he was never even able to operate that properly on his own. Miscommunication, desertion, and inexperienced leadership meant that their war effort suffered. As the ones whom were at the time blamed for beginning the war, the Alliance bombarded them mercilessly and the various loosely-tied guilds began to cut ties and flee the destruction. At the conference that ended the war, only one nameless representative of the Hoofstadts appeared, and just as quickly as she did she vanished into the wilderness. The Monarchy that lasted 600 years had simply disappeared.

Nothing is left of the Monarchy as a whole. The various small guilds that once made up its membership have either disappeared or gone on their own ways, the entire Royal family is dead, and anything they built was destroyed by bombs and guns. No one identifies as a 'Hoofstadtian' nor acknowledges their former state. Instead, the Monarchy is left in memory as a symbol to the failure of the Old Flags' system. The once vibrant lands that made up its territory are now grey fields of mud and ash, and their actions and decadence have led to the worst war in recorded history. Something like that would never have happened under a normal guild.

Alpine Union Flag by RelativeEquinox
The Alpine Union (Eastern Order)

Alpine Union Emblem by RelativeEquinox

The Spaded Arrow

Capital: Einheit 
Cities: 2(?)
Morale: Medium-Low
Geography: Incredibly mountainous. Heavily-forested river valleys are divided by mountains towering high into the sky. Numerous floating islands.

Quick Status: Surprisingly intact. Rebuilding, but economically depressed. 

Adventurers' Guild: Das Luft-Abenteurerkorps (The Sky Adventurers' Corps)

The Union was quick to establish an adventurer's guild to generate revenue for what was left of their 'Reich'. They hadn't the resources to go forth and generate this for themselves, so they supplied airships, guns, and training to those citizens of theirs that would go in their stead. Through them the influence of the Union spreads. Their dull grey, almost alien-looking airships serve as an intimidating testament to the strength of their engineering. Although the Empire is gone, the Alpines are still-- and always will-- be the best at what they do.

Luft-Abenteurers face the highest discrimination in the frontiers and lands of the Sky Guilds. If a merchants discriminates against them, they have an extra 10% on raised prices. They do however gain the ability to mount any type of aircraft on non-Carrier airships, or begin with an SMG or Flamethrower

The Great Alpine Empire was once the world's greatest scientific power. They're also known as the jerkwads that unleashed the Super Dreadnoughts. They brought their full scientific might to bear once the Great Airship War began. The whole world was about to come down on its little brother in the form of the Hoofstadts, and word that the Empire would protect its little brother made the whole world pause. Not only was it an industrial powerhouse, but it was an advanced one. Their soldiers were the most prideful and disciplined in the world, and their war machines were decades beyond anything that the Alliance had to offer. Not only that, but their mountain towns were resilient and difficult to reach with airships. For years no one had any real ideas on how to actually beat them. As the War dragged on however, their resources became strained, and they became frustrated. One day, the Emperor Conradin II the Serperior came forward to announce the triumph of his scientists: 'Surrender, or we shall shake civilization to its core. The lights will go out all across the Continents, and we shall not live long enough to see them turn on in our life-time.' The Alliance ignored his threats. Thus, the first Super Dreadnought, das Untier, took to the skies and rained unstoppable death upon the Allies. Eventually, the Allies finished their Super Dreadnoughts. You know what happened next.

The Alpine Union, formerly the Great Alpine Empire, is a mountainous country known for its scientific achievements, primarily in engineering. After the War destroyed most of its infrastructure and killed the Imperial Family, some of the surviving industrial mountain cities banded back together to form the democratic Union as we know them today. As soon as the Alliance heard of this, they pounced on the Alpines. The War was over and the Hoofstadts were gone, but the Alpines still had their factories. Someone was going to pay for all of this damage. As far as everyone was concerned it was the Alpines' fault, and so it would be them to do it. 

Despite their remaining industrial capacity their military was in tatters. It was with a heavy heart that the somber Chancellor Orbert Eichorst the Gigalith agreed to these terms-- to the protest of many of his people. The Pokemon of the Union are now forced to give more than half of the fruits of all their labor to assisting the rebuilding of the Alliance Flags. For free. And they must give all of this while trying to rebuild themselves.

Things are not all bad for the Alpines, however. Even though they must give many of their goods away, what they keep for themselves they make the best of, and the Alpines if nothing else are known for their quality-over-quantity approach. The Union is still home to some of the most brilliant scientific minds in the world with the laboratories to back them. Perhaps the Skyans thought of them first, but it was here that the aeroplane has truly reached its full potential. It is some consolation to them that they still produce the majority of the aeroplanes that fly in the sky, and they are proud of it. 

One thing that the Union does enjoy is a rare sense of national unity. The Alpine Pokemon did not blame the system of the Old Flags as a whole so much as they blame the other countries for coming down so hard on top of them. By now, most of those involved with actually commanding the war were dead. This is the generation of the children of its participants, and the descendants of the Empire feel it is unfair that they are shouldered with the blame for something over which they had no control. This, combined with the widespread discrimination that they face since their culture is blamed for the Super Dreadnoughts, has pushed them together and made them contemptuous. After all, are they not suffering too? The Alpine Pokemon are angry, and though no one really knows what they expect to do with this anger, everyone is at least a little wary. After all, the Union still has a lot of secret government super-science lying around in their hidden bunkers. And of course... no one really knows what happened to das Untier ...

The Alpine Union are the second most likely Old Flag to interact with the Sky Guilds.

Arazha Flag by RelativeEquinox
Confederacy of Arazha  (Aegis Alliance)

Arazha Emblem by RelativeEquinox

The Red Seal

Capital: Aromana Veliko
Cities Remaining: 2
Great Airship War Damage: High
Morale: Low
Geography: Mountainous; Rocky mountains interspersed by forests and rocky valleys. 

Quick Status: Devastated, but standing. Many industrial centers still working. 

Adventurers' Guild: n/a

Arazha was the first country to begin fighting against the Eastern Order, and it shows. Most of its countryside remains untouched, however the valleys where the cities once existed have been bombed into oblivion. The Great Airship War had begun from a domino effect that spiraled out of control from a resource dispute between them and the Hoofstadt Monarchy, with Arazha hoping that pressure from its allies in the Aegis Alliance would push the Monarchy into ceding. Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. 

The Confederacy of Arazha, or simply 'Arazha', is a mountainous land towards the southeast of the 'civilized world'. In a world ruled by industrialization, they are notable for the quality of their manufacturing skill despite their small size. This was as a direct result of their governments' actions; one of the first things that they did once the Confederacy was created was to subsidize their local factories. The homeland of the Arazha Pokemon was very resource-poor, and they struggled to hold themselves aloft with their agriculturally-based economy alone. For trade to be favorable with them such that they would get resources equally favorably, they thought, they would need to give other nations reason to trade with them instead of others. They thus took to refining raw materials as their signature industry, which eventually evolved to also grow into manufacturing machines themselves. In fact, a small majority of firearms created post-War were probably created here

Valois Flag by RelativeEquinox
Republic of Valois (Aegis Alliance)

Valois Emblem by RelativeEquinox

The Fleur-de-Lis

Capital: Seille 
Cities Remaining: 2 (1?)
Great Airship War Damage: Extremely High
Morale: Extremely Low
Geography: Hilly; Forests and grassy hills often crossed by rivers, with the occasional small mountain range. Note, ravages of the war have destroyed much of this, and have made much of the land uneven and blasted. Plant and animal life are making a very slow return. 

Quick Status: Effectively Destroyed

Adventurers' Guild: Les Aéronautes du Maréchal (The Marshals' Aeronauts)

The Marshals' Aeronauts are those few adventurers that have left Valois, but keep their homeland in their hearts. Crafting airships is an art like any other, and it is important to show that the Valoin Pokemon have not lost their propensity for it. The Aeronauts fly the most beautiful airships in the sky-- perfect for a new era of relative peace. 

Valois Aeronauts probably face the least discrimination out of all the Old Flags loyals given their devastation, and so enjoy 75% reduced price inflation. They may begin with grenades.

Valois was once a splendid center of art, culture, and learning, with beautiful natural landscapes and a colorful history stretching back to time immemorial. The War, however, has clearly brought this to a close. Having the closest borders to the main Eastern Order powers, they were one of the few Flags that participated in the initial ground wars. Being one of the more powerful Aegis-aligned states, however, with plentiful urban centers to boot, they were also some of the first and worst hit when the Super Dreadnoughts were released. Their country remained the battleground for the length of the war until near the end when the East Order finally began to wane and it pressed into their territory. By the end of the war, Valois had exhausted very nearly everything it had. Its infrastructure, its industry, its land, and even its citizens had all simply evaporated. They were reduced from 6 cities and numerous flourishing towns to only 1. All that remained was basically a tiny fraction of the government themselves and a handful of soldiers and their families. 

The Republic of Valois, also known as simply 'Valois', or the 'Marshals' Republic', is a forested nation once known for its economic power and high standard of living. Comparable to the Isle of Flowers, they also enjoyed a wide sphere of influence stretching to many corners of the frontiers, noted by a noticeable cultural emphasis on aesthetic beauty and luxury. After the War, the country would have been completely disbanded if not for the charisma of General Adrian Joffre, a Furfrou and the last remaining high-ranking official that was appointed during peacetime. Under his leadership, the fragmented remains of the Valois military (basically the remaining garrison of Seille and any soldiers in the wilderness that answered the call to return home rather than desert) have reformed into their own government under the moniker of the 'Council of Marshals'. This government claims to be a direct continuation of the Valois Republic, but many skeptics have called them and their maintained state of martial law an autocracy. Based in the remains of the city of Seille, Gen. Joffre is currently leading a valiant reconstruction effort, but a group as small as theirs can only do so much on their own. Anarchy is nearly non-existent thanks to the lack of population. 

Few Pokemon refer to themselves as 'Valois' anymore save for the few thousand that regathered under the banner of the Marshals, but those that have come from the original country still have apparent signs of its culture. An occasional accent can be heard here or there, and some craftsmon still practicing their trade away from home still have aesthetic similarities to their homeland. Those few still living in Valois have a general feel of hopelessness and loss, particularly in older members, and even with their small population they face a dire emigration situation. 

Isle of Flowers Flag by RelativeEquinox
Isle of Flowers (Aegis Alliance)

Isle of Flowers emblem by RelativeEquinox

The Noble Rose

Capital: Fallen Island
Remaining Cities: 3
Great Airship War Damage: Very High
Morale: Low
Geography: Mountainous; Foggy highlands in the north and forested lowlands to the south, interspersed occasionally by towering mountains that are halfway between grassy and rocky. 

Adventurers' Guild: Royal Expeditionary Commission

The Isle is not going to reclaim its old territories any time soon, but it is certainly going to keep exploring them. The Kingdom still has the largest airship fleet in all the Old Continent and the best sailors in the world, and by George it will use them both! 

Adventurers from the Isle of Flowers may begin with Cruisers. 

Quick Status: Population Decimated

The Isle of Flowers was once the foremost power in the known world, which was why it was a key player in the Great Airship War, which was why it faced a huge brunt of the damages, which was why it lost its power. Entered the war expecting to give the East Order a decisive knockout punch, only to not only be punched back, but nearly destroyed outright. Comparing the total amount of destruction faced by each member of the Alliance, the Isle was hit around the second worst of all, only behind the Valois. All of their population centers were centered around major industrial ones and were thus prime targets for East Order bombs.

If one were to walk from one end of the Isle in a straight line all the way to the other, it would be surprising if you met even a single living Pokemon. The once-bustling center of world power is now little more than an eerily quiet mass of land, with ruins strewn where cities once stood. Outside of the slowly-rebuilding cities, very little civilized life exists. And of that life, don't expect any of it to be flying the Isles' flag. Its soldiers left to fight in lands they'd never heard of, and returned to find a heap of ashen wasteland as their reward. Any strong sense of loyalty to the Crown was shattered in the wake of that. 

The Isle of Flowers, also known as the 'Kingdom of Flowers', is a large island nation once known for its vastly superior airship fleet. The island itself is notable for being the only flying island in recorded history to have ever fallen from the sky. The reason for this has never been determined. It had been in a slow decline since the days of Steam had ended which was made all but final when the War reached their home. They are ruled by the House of the Wind, with their current monarch being Arthur VIII the Vulpix. No, not a Ninetails. A Vulpix. The young prince son of Jerand VI got a bit of an accelerated promotion when his father was assassinated.

The Isle is known nowadays for the strength of its industry, stubbornly surviving throughout the worst of troubles and still managing to produce a fearsome, if diminished, air force. Most airships are produced here, though whether they are produced by companies actually loyal to the Crown or an independent town that would never answer to them again is usually up for debate. They suffer from piracy in a way that they are ashamed of deeply; it is not that they themselves are pirated from thanks to the power of their navy, but that many of the pirates in the sky come from territories once loyal to them. In fact, the stereotypical "Arrrghh" and "Yar Har" accents that pirates will sport descends from theirs. The Isle was once the Gateway to the Western Frontier, but it had lost that title a very long time ago. They are a sort of de facto gateway still, however; a huge system of caves delving into the ground were recently discovered here when the Isle was bombed, leading to what appears to be a whole new world beneath the earth. As such, it is some small comfort to the Isle that they can now be known, sort of, as the Gateway to the Sunless Frontier. The caves are large enough for airships to fly through, and are host to many unusual creatures and lands down below. 

The air in the Isle is dreary, even in the relatively comfortable lands still loyal to Arthur. Of all the countries blamed for the troubles of the world, they are among the foremost. Despite the quick and efficient rebuilding efforts of the Isle government, many of its citizens have given up on it (without reason, some would say) and left to find their own fortunes elsewhere. Preferably somewhere with no Old Flag influence. 

Arouet Flag by RelativeEquinox

(Aegis Alliance) 

Arouet Emblem by RelativeEquinox

The Claim to the Sky

Capital: Brenet-Lou
Remaining Cities: 3 (1 1/2?)
Great Airship War Damage: Very High
Morale: Moderate-Low
Geography: Coastal; Thickly forested, rocky hills and gorges give way to rivers that carved them. Many artificial ponds and lakes created by bomb blasts. Numerous floating islands in the sky.

Quick Status: Near-complete obliteration

While Arouet was only on the periphery of the war, it was undoubtedly one of the worst-hit countries. The Union invaders originally wished to simply pass through their territory, but in defense of their sovereignty, they began attacking airships that entered their sky. They had hoped that the swift actions of its allies would mitigate damage done to it. Indeed their allies intervened, but nothing can prevent the attack of a Super Dreadnought. Its tiny air force fought valiantly throughout the war and was commended by all for its bravery in the face of an overwhelmingly powerful foe. And what a lotta good that praise did them. It's no suitable replacement for a home.

Arouet, or the 'Kingdom of Arouet', is a small collection of states living under the rule of the House of Letrant. The current ruler is King Polder II, a Pyroar. A very well-to-do country in past times, nothing of their original home is now left standing. The capital was moved into the city of Brenet-Lou-- one of their numerous floating island colonies-- as indeed much of their homeland has been blasted into the ground. Indeed-indeed, their territory is now relegated to the flying islands above what was their home. Arouet is notable for being known as the Gateway to the Frontier in the Clouds, having the easiest access to the islands in the sky given that theirs hang the lowest. This has led to an influx of adventurer types into their land, from which they benefit greatly. 

The Pokemon of Arouet are surprisingly cheerful for their situation, to a point. While the remnants of their tiny government attempt to rebuild their homeland and protect the ruins from looters, the citizens have begun looking up for a new home instead. They look to embrace their image of a flying nation and hold onto it tightly. Many airship pilots come from Arouet thanks to this newfound, somewhat escapist enthusiasm. There's a saying here: "Things will always be good if you just never look down." An optimistic and hopeful message to give, however depressing its origin. After all, if one were to look down, they would see the blasted ruins that were once the homeland of the Arouet Pokemon. 

North Country Flag by RelativeEquinox
Country of the North
(Aegis Alliance)

North Country Emblem by RelativeEquinox

The Boarding Claw

Capital: Bolto
Remaining Cities: 5 (3?)
Great Airship War Damage: Moderate (Indirect Damage: Very Heavy)
Morale: Low
Geography: A diverse mix of flat landscapes, but all very cold. Taigas, tundras, steppes, and semi-temperate forests with the occasional cold desert. Most cities are built in the forested or coastal areas.

Quick Status: In Continuous Revolution

Much of North Country was spared from the direct bombing; that comes with having sparse industrial centers and large areas of rural tundra. Their losses, however, were incredibly grievous and among the worst out of all the Aegis Alliance concerning manpower. During the waning hours of the Great Airship War, the tired and demoralized North troopers returned home to fight a terrible and brutal series of civil wars between the different cities that wanted to secede/take power (it's not anymore clear which) in light of the call for new leadership. The new de facto government lies in the city of Bolto, although while their rule is recognized officially by foreigners, they face a huge number of dissidents, to the point that some of their cities are completely outside of their control. 

The Country of the North, or just 'North Country', is a huge country with a lot of land but relatively few major cities. Still, the cities that do exist are plentiful, with a huge 5 compared to the average 3 or 4 of most other nations. Unfortunately, they are historically noted for being traditionally a few years behind the other nations that they dwarf in size as a result of disorganization and widespread poverty. The War only ever made things worse for them, with their old leadership proving even less competent in their citizens' eyes. All is not without hope, however; theirs is a rich culture with a long and storied past of the unity of all the Kingdoms in the Cold...most of which was lost, like a lot of history nowadays. From them come many of the raw resources of the civilized world, which they have been benefiting from as the demand has only ever sharply rose for raw material in the attempts to rebuild. They are also the acknowledged Gateway to the Cold Frontiers, the cold, unexplored lands beyond the North Country. 

It is very important to note, however, that the law is still very much in effect. Even in the revolutionary cities the law and its execution is very similar to the leading ones. For a people that have very little, theft is considered a very serious crime. Pirates, more than anywhere, are totally unwelcome here. No trial. No jail time. Plenty of exercise out in the death- ahem prison camps, though. To a point, their pragmatic brutality against criminals has worked; pirates are generally reluctant to go anywhere near their skies and they are beginning to rebuild as a thriving shipping center. Pirates, however, aren't the worst of their problems.

Pokemon from here are a hardy folk; they have to be. No matter how grey the air gets over their heads, there remains a stalwart sense of stolid optimism. Everything has tried to break their spirit and nothing has. Beaten it up, yes, and knocked the wind out of it, definitely, but never broke it. But again, as with everything, exceptions exist in plethora.

Rozuto flag by RelativeEquinox
Kingdom of Rozuto (Aegis Alliance)

Rozuto Emblem by RelativeEquinox

The King's Standard

Capital: Verito 
Remaining Cities: 3(?)
Great Airship War Damage: Moderate (Indirect Damage: Heavy)
Morale: Very Low
Geography: Mountainous; sub-tropical regions all along the coastal towns, with some temperate forests in the small 'inland' regions. Piracy everywhere.

Quick Status: In Autocratic Anarchy

The War was hard on Rozuto. Despite not facing much in the way of invasions, they felt a great deal of the sting of the Dreadnoughts' bombs as their forces were effortlessly swatted aside by the more 'significant' Hoofstadt Royal Fleet. Their small number of cities proved their undoing; less centers to bomb meant a higher saturation of attacks. The Pokemon here are only barely unified, either under one extreme party or another, and nominally held together by the waning power of the House of Treino under their current King, King Trachio II Treino (a Dragonair, if you must know). Despite facing arguably less damage than the other nations pound for pound, their weakly-unified monarchy is teetering on the edge of collapse as pirates, rebels, and a huge emigration problem plague this shadow of a country. 

The Kingdom of Rozuto, or sometimes just 'Rozuto', is a warm, southern country famous for its notable focus on seafaring shipping rather than air-faring-- not to say that the air-faring types don't exist here. Before the invention of long ago that was (nobody really remembers), they were once considered some of the best sailors in the world; a tradition they held onto up until the present day. Pokemon acclimated to warm, sunny, coastal climates or warm mountains thrive here, and enjoy a mostly-intact and undoubtedly beautiful countryside. Their passionate populace is known for pouring their hearts and souls into every artisan craft, giving things made here a romantic air that changes subtly from craftsmon to craftsmon. As such, their luxuries are often sought-after. They are also a known intellectual center, and have been for a very long time even though they have begun gradually falling behind the Isle of Flowers and the Blue Sky Republic. They are supposedly the Gateway to the Warm Frontiers, the warm lands, plains, and jungles far to the South, however most nations' citizens that wish to explore them are usually close enough that they may forego visiting if they wish. Many of the sea-bound vessels on the waves came from these shpiyards.

As stated above, the Pokemon here have a tendency towards passion and emotion. While divided politically, as individuals they tend towards openness and friendliness within their culture, but as with everything, exceptions do exist in plethora. This openness has been understandably curbed for the past twenty years as crime and extremist politics have squirmed their way into the country's culture. If you see a Pokemon with a trench coat beating some poor unarmed townsman into the dirt, don't bother them unless you really want to get it in bad with the Black Furs. Or the Mob. Or the Arditi. Or the Royalists, or the Legendary-Worshippers, or the Five Republics...

Blue Sky Flag by RelativeEquinox
Blue Sky Republic (Aegis Alliance) 

Blue Sky Emblem by RelativeEquinox

The White Star

Capital: Big Sky City 
Remaining Cities: 4 (w/ numerous small, loyal communities)
Great Airship War Damage: Very Light
Morale: Very High
Geography: Extremely Varied; Temperate forests on the edges of wide open plains, bordered by mountains. Hot in the south, cold in the north, a large number of small islands under its control in the bordering Expansive Sea. 

Quick Status: Thriving

Adventurer's Guild: Department of Adventure

The Skyans have been subsidizing their adventuring industry almost since they were founded. The continent they lay claim to is massive and has only in the past several years been declared fully explored. These wandersome cowboys now turn their eyes further West, to the Endless Frontier...

Skyans are famous for their love of firearms and focus on lightning-quick mobility. Those working for the Skyans are trained in the art of Marching Fire. This lets their machinegunners use machineguns as if they were submachineguns, which gives them longer range and more power than those with submachineguns but also abysmally worse accuracy while moving. They may also begin with semi-automatic rifles or shotguns

While its neighbors across the world flounder, things are going smoothly under the Big Blue Sky. From ocean to ocean, prosperity reins in the greatest age this fervently united country has ever seen, but with a shocking sense of emptiness. Largely untouched by most of the ravages of the Great War, the Republic none the less remains a little jarred at how quiet the world has become. Still, they thrive on the power vacuum that has now left them the technological, industrial, and economic giant of the world, and their citizens revel in the escapist prosperity. They were the last nation to enter the War on the side of the Aegis Alliance, and provided just enough relief to their allies to give them the edge and finally put an end to the fighting. 

The Republic of the Blue Sky, also known sometimes as the 'Blue Sky Republic', is the country sitting on the westernmost edge of what is considered 'civilized' lands. It is a federal republic with a cultural focus on unity between its four sprawling cityscapes, with its capital focused on Big Sky City, the largest functioning airport and industrial center in the world. It goes to note that Big Sky was once the smallest of the 'Big' cities pre-War. Both of these factors plus its lack of destruction contribute greatly to the lack of anarchy that is so present in other countries. Surrounded on all sides by the Endless Ocean, it enjoys comfortable isolation from the squabbling, older nations out east on The Continent, and also enjoys status as the Gateway to the Endless Frontiers; the vast ocean to the west dotted with islands in both the sea and the sky. The islands are diverse, sparse, and barely explored. Ancient cultures and strange peoples lie beyond the Republic's Western Shores. Will you be the first to meet them?

This isolation makes them remarkably safe, and they are notable for having one of the most secure entryways into the islands in the sky around. This makes it a popular destination for both tourists on vacation and adventurers on their way to the Western Frontiers. Having just recently come out of their own status as 'frontier lands', they also produce a good deal of adventurers themselves. 

The Pokemon here are generally happier than others, and are in general marked by a sense of cautious optimism. They are the most likely Old Flag to interact directly with the Sky Guilds. A culture of a new style of honor, they can be a bit hot blooded and prideful, but as with everything, exceptions do exist in plethora. They are a diverse mix of different cultures which tends to change wildly from city to city-- it's a wonder how they are so united. But they are!

Selku Flag by RelativeEquinox
City of Selku (Eastern Order)

Selku Emblem by RelativeEquinox

The White Sun

Capital: Castle of the Sea
Remaining Cities: 1 (w/ many rural settlements)
Great Airship War Damage: Very High
Morale: Very Low 
Geography: Lots of shoreline with rocky desert inlands. Vast deserts towards the east. 

Quick Status: Reduced to a city-state

Like their Hoofstadt Monarchist allies to the north of them, the Empire of Selku has long been seen as dying. By the time of the War it'd been a few hundred years since they had gained anything and maybe a couple of months since they'd lost something. Just a little, more and more each time, rebels and the other Old Flags slowly carved away at its slowly-receding borders. They had joined the war on the side of the Order looking to regain much of what they had lost. Little did they know that they would wind up finally losing almost all of it. The Selku relied heavily on the Alpine's industrial complex to feed its own efforts, which was severed once the War began to escalate. While they were successful in repelling a few concerted invasions, without the ability to replenish war materiel effectively, their remaining forces were eventually overwhelmed. They ran out of airships. Once that had happened, all they could do was sit in their capital and watch their thousand-year legacy crumble to dust around them. 

The City of Selku is the old capital of a once world-spanning empire of the same name. Like the Hoofstadts they had a wide range of diverse cultures underneath them. Unlike the Hoofstadts however, many of these smaller cultures didn't want independence. At least, until recently. Selku was one of the very few industrial centers in the vast Lavatine Deserts, and thus many of the Pokemon living in these deserts were happy to be given access to it. However, in their desperation to maintain their hold in their later years, they became brutal in their efforts to quell any sign of resistance to their rule. As soon as the War sapped them of their power, everyone under them was happy to leave. Selku however does still remain as the exotic Gateway to the Lavatine Expanse, one of the more diverse exploration frontiers of the six that exist. In the northern reaches, wide open plains give way to the occasional chain of windy mountains. In its south, deserts stretch infinitely into the distance, cordoned off by a slow transition into a distant, unexplored jungle. The ruins of a thousand ancient civilizations wait beyond this city-state. What wonders await those that brave their depths? What forgotten treasures?

The city itself is rebuilding and has more or less become used to its new situation. Its citizens benefit greatly from the large number of traders and treasure hunters that pass through its streets on their way to the east. Still, it's a rough adjustment. They do, however, have many enemies in the frontiers they lay next to. Many of its former subjects are angry that Selku can just rebuild while their homes were left as waste in the desert, to say nothing of the years of oppression they faced underneath them. The Lavatine remembers her old master and takes from her many airships. If you are shot down in some distant reach of the Expanse, don't expect anyone to come find you.
Old Flags-- The Dying Countries

A guide to the Old Flags, the nations that once ruled the world from their Old Continent before the Great Airship War destroyed their influence. Many are gone, most are depleted, but none are to be underestimated. The least among them is still stronger than the greatest Sky Guild. 

You may be from one of the places still loyal to these old powers, or you could choose to work for them or with them. Whatever you decide, be wary of their power.


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