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RelativeEquinox has started a donation pool!
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EDIT: Everybody who donates never asks for anything <.D.> ...thank you, I guess!

Any small amount of points(1-10) will get a standard request at high priority

Anything higher will gain an animation, which will be available through my Youtube channel and linked to my journal.

....please ?

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I was trying to submit something to my Scraps a while ago, and I saw that putting a deviation image in it prevents it from being uploaded as anything but a Journal. Is that normal?

I usually do this in lieu of preview images because I find them really...lacking. 

Gunfight at Glenn's Ferry 

Prologue 1: Gunfight at Glenn’s Fairy
                5:40 PM July 3, 1887, Glenn’s Fairy, Idaho
                An Emolga sat in an empty saloon in Idaho, quietly yet angrily clutching the shot glass in his left paw as he glared down at the counter. Just sitting, sitting and staring in a drunken, frustrated, tired gait. Sitting. That seemed to be something he did a lot of in his new job, and he couldn’t necessarily say he liked it all that much. Sitting and waiting for something that would sometimes or sometimes not come. It was either he’d be doing that or he’d be walking around, asking questions, pretending to be the most polite little Sky Squirrel in the world. He couldn’t even count the number of fake ‘howdy-dos’ or ‘pardon me miss


Pokemon of Avalon M2P1-- In Service of my Lord
Mission 2: In Service of My Lord
Part 1 Ch. 1: Trouble by the Border, but not Of It
    It was a rather odd position for Diarmaid to be in. His prior military service in his old clan, then his service as a marine had given him a special privilege over the average yeoman in his first day of enlisting, landing him a higher rank at the start of his service for King Alaric. This was expected of course; Diarmaid had been expecting to become a sergeant—that is, a professional soldier drawn from the middle class—from the moment he decided he’d sign up for the Aetherian Army. What he didn’t expect, however, was that instead of just joining the rank and file, he was enlisted as an officer. In the Pike Bearers, no less. That was the Royal Guard. It was a bit of a surprise.
    That said of course, while being a Pike Bearer, he was still considered a common-born sergeant and was usually relegated to organizing the town’s militia a

In the first picture, the partner image is in full size and clear for anyone to see. The latter deviation is one where I used the preview image, and holy crap, it's pointless. The image is far too small to be fit for anything other than a little logo. You need a magnifying glass to see any of the detail in the picture, even when you visit the page. 

This is really troubling to me, since I usually have a piece of literature and a partner picture, and I like them both to be equally prominent. 

Is anybody else having this problem? Can anyone help me? I'm not sure that dA's staff will get back to me in time before I need to submit my next picture.

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